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on Jul 27, 2016

How about some good recommendations for those of us without access to refrigeration for our lunches? I believe hummus needs to be refrigerated, as do eggs and chicken. That leaves the fruits and vegies.

on Jul 28, 2016

There are additional reasons to recommend consumption of a well-balanced lunch - and breakfast.

We did a study of time-of-day workplace incidents a couple years ago and discovered a 38 to 40 percent spike mid-morning. The timing is consistent with expected drops in glucose levels two to three hours after a commonly-consumed breakfast high on the glycemic index scale such as cereal, donuts, muffins, or similar foods.

High glycemic index foods break down rapidly into glucose after being eaten and raise blood sugar very quickly. When an individual eats an item or meal comprised of mostly high glycemic index foods, the sudden, high influx of glucose in the bloodstream results in the release of large amounts of insulin. Sometimes this causes too much glucose to be removed and blood sugar drops very low, causing a “sugar crash.” The low blood sugar levels during a “sugar crash” result in the body not receiving the energy it needs to keep a person performing efficiently. Symptoms of low blood sugar are lethargy, fatigue, confusion, anxiety, light-headedness, and difficulty concentrating.

We communicated this phenomenon globally and recommended healthier breakfast, lunch and snack choices that stabilize blood sugar levels.

All of these symptoms, even if mild, can lead to a lack of focus which we concluded had a role in this mid-morning spike in incidents.

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