In the construction industry, the importance of safety cannot be overstated. Making sure that every employee goes home safely at the end of his or her shift should be a company's paramount consideration. Safety is a tool and its implementation starts during the work-planning phase. Creating a safety culture that enables positive interaction between worker and safety maximizes process efficiency and encourages an incident and injury-free (IIF) environment.

Our company, Total Facility Solutions (TFS), and our employees set the bar high when it comes to site safety. The company provides turnkey facilities contracting services, including high purity piping, gas and chemical systems, ultra-high purity water systems, tool and equipment installation, clean utilities and electrical services to the semiconductor, electronics, nanotechnology, photovoltaic, life sciences, data centers and renewable energy industries.

TFS relies on the ability of both safety professionals and its work force to adapt to ever-changing environments using a team approach. Spending time with the crews and building relationships with all workers on site helps all of us look out for one another and provide a safe workplace. Taking a proactive approach to safety is a key factor in reducing and eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions in the workplace or on any job site.  Safety is not something that can be put on the backburner.

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The foundation of a strong commitment to safety is the communication of a clear goal and commitment to workers' well being. We encourage an open policy when it comes to safety by developing working relationships with other trades and encouraging our employees and others to take responsibility for their actions while having the courage to speak up when unsafe acts arise. This philosophy has led to creating and sustaining an IIF environment.

Employees must believe that an incident- and injury-free worksite is attainable and be willing to accept the responsibility needed to reach the stated goals. Through training updates and innovative ways of continuously getting the message to our work force, we have improved safety and environmental awareness at all levels. Employees are encouraged to speak up on behalf of themselves and those around them without fear of repercussion and with solid backing from the management team. We celebrate those who identify hazards and report them or fix them as they arise.

Setting specific safety rules and goals, and providing specialized equipment, knowledge and training, are the tools necessary for any company to operate in a responsible way.  The industry can be a dangerous one, but doesn't have to be a fatal one.