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on Jan 15, 2015

Wish there was camera phones years ago. I had a guy rent my Telsa bucket to work on a church. It had 37 ft working height I find out he needed about 60 ft. He put a 40 ft ladder in the bucket. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

on Jan 16, 2015

George T: Did you actually see him working that way?

on Jan 24, 2015

Wow, and you assisted him in this endeavour? Would that not have made you responsible, or at least 'partially responsible' had this worker fallen? Maybe he should have been requesting another mode of transportation such as a Genie Lift with knuckle boom reach! Death is pretty final.

on Jan 26, 2015

Using ladder in pics is the craziest way one can do. All that they need is awareness.

on Feb 24, 2015

I am not even mad, this is actually amazing!

on May 16, 2015

These pictures state to me that there is an opportunity, as professionals, to create safety awareness.

We know that lack of safety knowledge, awareness, bias attitudes and years of using unsafe habits are key factors leading to these picture incidents. Also the issue of the high cost to rent the correct equipment for the job .

What concerns me even more is how these individuals then pass these dangerous attitudes and habits to young workers. Telling them it is perfectly ok and safety - not to worry.

I have tried the road of talking about safety practises when walking by the work site. JUst really out of the hope that maybe it might spark a thought about how dangerous it is.

However it fails horribly mostly because they look at me as meddling in their business.

A large part of the time I am talking with older male workers who have done it this way for decades.

You are correct if you are thinking they tell me many times over - I need not worry.

I do try to create a\ opportunity for conversation because I believe if I don't speak up then I am a professional hipictric.I agree with your statement Maureen; if we are silent then it is like assisting people to engage in poor safety habits.

Maybe I am wrong in my view, but it is how I think.

I am concerned about the young workers these people are teaching these habits to.

I have to believe without awareness they maybe one training someone to their death one day.

I would love to help create a committee of people who would like to promote a safety awareness in a public campaign. The goal would be to promote workplace safety behaviours using a media that would get in front of our youth.

If your interested - please connect with me at tamara.parris@intelex.com

My goal is to help educate youth's about workplace safety.

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