Many middle-market businesses fail to identify important key performance indicators to help them understand, effectively analyze, track and measure process improvements that reduce claims, maximize ROI and increase profitability, despite the fact that workers’ compensation is the one property and casualty coverage where a business can exert the most control to reduce claims and cost.

Steve Paulin, a senior vice president with Sullivan Curtis Monroe Insurance Service in Orange County, Calif., is an insurance risk-management broker with more than 30 years’ experience. Paulin has spent his career understanding the workers’ compensation challenges that businesses face and is dedicated to developing the expertise, capabilities and resources to improve outcomes for sustained, long-term cost reduction, while improving productivity and profit.

He developed this infographic, Improve Workers’ Compensation Outcomes: 7 Key Performance Indicators, in which he addresses topics regarding capacity gaps, best practices and the implications on businesses' bottom lines.

For additional information, visit Paulin’s blog, Risk Management Answers, a resource for owners and senior management of middle-market companies.