The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has developed a mobile app that allows professional industrial hygienists to use common formulas and conversions on their mobile devices and calculate the results. The IH Calculator App is available for use on iOS (Apple) mobile devices, cell phones and tablets.

The new app was developed by a group of AIHA volunteers in partnership with Arizona State University Ira Fulton School of Computing and Informatics Decision Systems Engineering. The project allows ASU students to apply their technical skill and knowledge of engineering principles to the development of a complex, team-oriented software project, system or device.

AIHA member Michael Ochs, CIH, led the project and development team. The ASU students who participated in the app development are Nathaniel Duemler, Grant Freese, Dave Hubbard, Jared Kraemer, Beejal Shah, Marthony Taguinod and Kyle Wright.

Download the AIHA app.