We're nearing the end of the selection process. By now, you should have narrowed your choices to one or two selections, and the only thing left to consider is how much time will be spent cleaning the boots.
This may be important to workers who work outside or in conditions in which they encounter dirt and debris. Encourage employees to read the "care" instructions for their boots, as many require special care and products to keep them at their optimal protection level. Depending on the material used to make the boots, they may need to wash, dry and polish fairly frequently.

Going the Distance

Keep in mind that sometimes it takes a little time to find the right match for your feet, because everyone's feet are different – foot width, heel size and arch are just a few ways our feet differ from those of others – and companies design their boots in unique ways to help alleviate some of the common problems associated with work boots.

Are your boots made for walking? Are you ready to put an end to work boots that don't protect you for the work you need to do? Are you tired of callouses and blisters cause by ill-fitting work boots?
Then keep these six tips in mind as you are shopping around. They can help you and your employees start out on the right foot.

Richard Kallis has worked as a construction engineer for last 10 years with various organizations and runs a web site named www.aboutboot.com/, where he talks about foot safety and PPE.

Here is a sample of foot protection products.

Metatarsal Guard Protection
From HYTEST Safety Footwear comes a breakthrough in metatarsal guard protection: the HYTEST Super-Guard X – the Extreme Metatarsal Guard System When the work environment gets real tough, it calls for extreme protection for feet. The Super-Guard X combines a Poron XRD internal metatarsal guard with dual HYTEST molded, high-impact external metatarsal shields. This unique metatarsal shield system actually shifts forward when bending or walking, allowing for better flexibility so workers walk and bend more naturally.

Comfort and Protection
The 8-inch tall Tobacco Waterproof Square Steel Toe lace-up work boot is reliable on any job. Its waterproof, dark brown leather exterior supports an Ortholite insole for a cushioned fit; a Vibram Commander-X5 outsole that's resistant to chemicals, oil, gas, slipping and marking; and a nylon shank for added reinforcement. The steel toe provides protection and waterproof leather keeps your feet warm and dry no matter the working conditions.

Protection from Electrical Hazards
Lehigh's QuickFit Overnight Collection has four different boot styles that offer protection from electrical hazards and are designed for unisex use. Styles LEHI 001 and LEHI 009 are composite-toe shoes. Steel-toed options LEHI003 and LEHI015 are offered for heavy equipment environments and general use, respectively.

Lightweight Footwear Construction
KEEN Utility, a brand of KEEN Inc., is unveiling a collection of lighter, faster and more colorful safety footwear styles. Leading the charge is the Davenport, a medium-duty work boot with a remarkably lightweight design. The Davenport is 100 percent non-metallic by design, offering asymmetrical composite safety toes, which provide a roomier toe box for toes' natural flexion and nylon hardware. These features make this fully capable and sporty industrial hiker a must-have for every tradesmen's work arsenal.