J. A. Rodriguez

J.A. Rodriguez Jr., CSP, CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC

J.A. Rodriguez Jr., CSP, is the CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC and a global Fortune 100 senior manager. Rodriguez was honored to be selected by EHS Today as one of "The 50 People Who Most Influenced EHS in 2012-2013" and "2014 - 2015.” He also is an empowering and international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, a patented inventor, an engineer, a certified safety professional, a credentialed instructor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a board member of the national Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association, author of the book "Not Intuitively Obvious – Transition to the Professional Work Environment" and co-editor of the American Society of Safety Engineers’ book “Consultants Business Development Guide.” Dare to think differently.

Posts by J. A. Rodriguez

Let It Snow – Curious Lessons in Change Leadership

Great leaders possess a keen situational awareness and prepare their organizations for major challenges before they occur, before anyone notices....More

Mastering Three Mindsets of Derivative Leadership 

Derivative leadership focuses on building a highly effective and self-sustaining organizational culture based on the presumption that all parts of....More

Ubuntu, Humanity. Humanity, Ubuntu

Leadership growth is accomplished by forging a new path today using the foundation from the lessons learned yesterday....More

A Tale of Two Leaders: Driving Towards Innovation

Many organizations consume valuable resources promoting innovation rather than establishing and fostering a culture that encourages it. This subtle....More

Are Your Incident Investigations Pacifiers or Change Agents?

Every day there is an opportunity missed to convert your incident investigations from pacifying processes to process changing machines....More
The 30-day Challenge: Improve Your Leadership Skills

The 30-day Challenge: Improve Your Leadership Skills

We’ve all heard it, “Be a leader!” The question is: how do you enhance your leadership skills and gain new ones in the shortest amount of time?....More

Leadership’s Anti-Venom for Complacency: Organizational Pivot Points

I recently was asked how to, as a leader, energize a large, geographically dispersed and established team of professionals. There were two more....More

Is it Time to Perform a Value-Based Assessment on Your Most Valuable Commodity?

It’s Monday early morning all over again. The list is long, the day is short and the performance expectations are very high. This, that; here,....More

Four Traits of a Great Leader

Four Traits of a Great Leader Success comes in many forms. The concept is so complex that perspective point plays a major role in its definition....More

Will That Be Cash, Credit or Leadership Currency?

"That'll be $20.14," the cashier says politely. "Cash, credit or ... debit?"  "Credit, please," you respond....More

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