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EHS leaders at companies large and small work in a complicated world of ever-changing regulations, competing priorities, shrinking resources, cost pressures and a host of other challenges (and opportunities). EHS Today's Safety Leadership Blog features commentary that focuses on the unique business environment in which EHS leaders operate, offering advice, best practices and strategies for taking your organization's safety performance – and your career – to the next level.

We welcome blog submissions from members of the EHS community. To contribute to the Safety Leadership Blog, please contact Ginger Christ at ginger.christ@penton.com or Sandy Smith at sandy.smith@penton.com.

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Aug 21, 2015

Don’t Be Shy About Safety! 2

Unlike in a manufacturing setting, where there is often someone dedicated to employee health and safety in each facility, managers in low-risk....More
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Aug 21, 2015

3 Tips for Working in Unsafe Conditions 

How do you talk to someone you care about who isn’t concerned with safety?....More
Jul 24, 2015

The Secret to Streamlined Safety Compliance

The world of safety and compliance has changed drastically over the past few years, and that pace of change is only getting faster....More
Jun 29, 2015

Don’t Let Training Hold Back Your Safety Culture

Training needs to help people understand how to work safely....More
Jun 17, 2015

Ubuntu, Humanity. Humanity, Ubuntu6

Leadership growth is accomplished by forging a new path today using the foundation from the lessons learned yesterday....More
Jun 03, 2015

A Tale of Two Leaders: Driving Towards Innovation2

Many organizations consume valuable resources promoting innovation rather than establishing and fostering a culture that encourages it. This subtle....More
May 28, 2015

Are Your Incident Investigations Pacifiers or Change Agents?2

Every day there is an opportunity missed to convert your incident investigations from pacifying processes to process changing machines....More
Apr 30, 2015

YOLO…You Only Live Once2

Nobody cranks up the circular saw out in the garage or climbs into a scissor lift on the job site intending to get hurt, yet it happens hundreds and....More
The 30-day Challenge: Improve Your Leadership Skills
Apr 14, 2015

The 30-day Challenge: Improve Your Leadership Skills1

We’ve all heard it, “Be a leader!” The question is: how do you enhance your leadership skills and gain new ones in the shortest amount of time?....More
Feb 27, 2015

Shortened CEO and Executive Tenure Affects Workplace Safety1

In the safety business, we often look to management for leadership and buy in. Those leaders also have to contend with their own changing issues....More
Jan 12, 2015

Falling Object Fatality – One Man’s Perspective2

I recently read a news story of the tragic loss of a life resulting from a tape measure being dropped from a height of 500 feet at a high-rise....More
Jan 12, 2015

Leadership’s Anti-Venom for Complacency: Organizational Pivot Points

I recently was asked how to, as a leader, energize a large, geographically dispersed and established team of professionals. There were two more....More
Nov 18, 2014

Is it Time to Perform a Value-Based Assessment on Your Most Valuable Commodity?

It’s Monday early morning all over again. The list is long, the day is short and the performance expectations are very high. This, that; here,....More
Nov 12, 2014

Accelerating Safety Leadership: A Mnemonic for Success

About nine years ago, I attended a workshop on safety leadership presented by a company called Stars International. After 25-plus years of working in....More
Nov 07, 2014

How Do You Stop Post-Termination Claims?

With increasing frequency, I am seeing post-termination claims being filed against employers who otherwise are doing an excellent job providing a....More

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Sandy Smith is editor-in-chief of EHS Today magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication. She has been writing about occupational safety and health and environmental issues since 1990. She has been...
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