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EHS leaders at companies large and small work in a complicated world of ever-changing regulations, competing priorities, shrinking resources, cost pressures and a host of other challenges (and opportunities). EHS Today's Safety Leadership Blog features commentary that focuses on the unique business environment in which EHS leaders operate, offering advice, best practices and strategies for taking your organization's safety performance – and your career – to the next level.

We welcome blog submissions from members of the EHS community. To contribute to the Safety Leadership Blog, please contact Ginger Christ at ginger.christ@penton.com or Sandy Smith at sandy.smith@penton.com.

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May 15, 2017

Safety Leadership: Making a Culture of Safety the Foundation

Safety is a familiar concept to us all. We read safety reports before we buy a car, instruct our children to wear bicycle helmets and buckle our....More
May 11, 2017

Hand on This, Mind on That1

Work is progressing as usual. There is a very busy work day ahead with at least one hundred things to do before it ends. The time is 0600, then 1600....More
Feb 17, 2017

Why Safety Should Be On Our Radar

Radar “sees” things long before they can be seen with the naked eye.  It serves as both an early warning and a tracking device for....More
Jan 06, 2017

Leadership: No Leaks, A Complete Sockeroo1

A recent trip to my local home improvement store reminded me of the value attained when organizations utilize professionals skilled in their trade to....More
Dec 16, 2016

Safety Leadership and Accountability in the Supply Chain

Too many employees are needlessly dying merely because they reported to work. The numbers are staggering....More
Nov 08, 2016

Consequential Leadership: The Key to a Safe Landing

Much is written about the different styles of leadership and which is the best for a particular situation. I could not help but notice one of the....More
Oct 20, 2016

Leadership Effectiveness Through a Pane of Glass and Ten Seconds of Time

Leadership is a derivative commodity reflected by organizational behaviors and actions. We see it materialize within safety management system and....More
Oct 18, 2016

Teachable Moments Are Painful2

Riding a bike. Touching hot stoves. Telling the truth on our income taxes. All of these things have one thing in common: They are teachable moments....More
Sep 15, 2016

How to Evolve Safety from Protection to Prevention to Prediction1

I’m in the market to buy a new car. My shopping experience thus far has led me to be absolutely amazed by how much has changed in the....More
Aug 03, 2016

Leadership, One Brushstroke at a Time

In business, it is not the hours you work that determine your success, it is the relationships and the positive realization of the commitments you....More
Jul 27, 2016

KEEN Utility: Taking a Fearless Approach to Workplace Safety

I recently traveled to Portland, Oregon to tour the KEEN manufacturing facility with other media types and I was impressed with KEEN and its....More
Jul 13, 2016

But That Couldn't Happen to Me: A Safety Narrative

An accident or so they say Claimed the life of someone at work today The cause they said, “Complacency” He failed to follow rules you....More
Jun 20, 2016

Taking Organizational Excellence Toward the Point of Inevitable Failure2

A new budget challenge from the boss: “Drop another 10 percent over last year’s performance. Make it happen.” This scenario is....More
May 19, 2016

America’s Safest Companies: Building World-Class Safety Leadership

Each year, since 2002, EHS Today has named a list of companies we feel exemplify world-class safety leadership....More

Stefanie Valentic

Stefanie Valentic is an associate editor for EHS Today magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication.  A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she has been in B2B publishing for eight years. Her work has...

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith is editor-in-chief of EHS Today magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication. She has been writing about occupational safety and health and environmental issues since 1990. She has been...
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